League 1: Sepsi OSK - U. Craiova

League 1: Sepsi OSK – U. Craiova

The Romanian half-lead has been played, as the six-team upper room attackers will begin on Wednesday at Sepsiszentgyörgy: Sepsi OSK will receive Universitatea Craiova.

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Romanian League 1
Play, round 6
Sepsi OSK – Universitatea Craiova 0-0 – Live on NSO!
City stadium, Behind closed gates. Fifth: Parsan
OSK sepsis:
Jesus Fernandez – Caesar, Ninag, Mitria, Stefanisco – Vasvari, Bauen, Eder – Domitier, Safranco, Ashton. Fitness Trainer: Leo Grosafu
Niczuly (k.), Tincu, Purece, B. Fofana, Tamás N., Golofca, Nouvier, Aganovic, Petrila
Pigliacelli – Vatajelu, Acka, Constantin, Bancu – Cicaldau, Mateiu, Nistor – Mitran (Bic, 3.), Evan, Cimpanu. Fitness Trainer: Marinoche Ozonides
Popescu, Vladoiu, Balasa, Capatina, Fedele, Baiaram, Ofosu, Tudorie

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Minute by minute

Small Eternal Balance: 13 encounters, 3 with St.George and 7 with royal success, 6, respectively. With 11 goals scored.

This duel rarely comes with many goals.

In the seventh minute, the Canadian, who had started the action, sent a 10th left pass to Fernandez.

3 min Ovidiu Bic Be, Mitterrand Low. Youth rule …

1. The minute the game started!

Locals are in pure red and guests are in pure blue.

Sepsi coach Leo Grozavu did not mention Buhenna in the frame and on Craiova’s side Christian Barbot A left-wing who, according to his agent today, justifies Saint George in the summer.

According to Attila Hadnaji, the captain of the club whose contract had expired was not playing sports with his club and denied negotiating with the League 1 leaders. In the summer of 2019, Bauhinia came to Cepsee from Dundee United, scoring four goals in 65 games so far.

In Szentgyörgy, they were now even more disappointed with Rasid Buhenna’s summer departure, and club leaders only learned from the press that the Algerian defender would continue his career with CFR champion in Cluj Napoca from the summer.

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“Compared to the qualifiers two years ago, when we scored one point, we can be happy this week.” The National Sports foreman said, “With seven more points, he will definitely be in fourth place.” The sporting director is hoping to win over Craiova, which is still hoping for League title, for the first time this season.

Hadnaji Attila According to the Szeklerland club’s sporting director, the team’s goal is to keep fourth in the last five rounds – a seven-point advantage in the third Craiova is already difficult.

The Romanian half-lead has been played, as the six-team upper room attackers will begin on Wednesday at Sepsiszentgyörgy: Sepsi OSK will receive Universitatea Craiova.

After a break, Realdo Fili stunned Szekler’s goalkeeper, only to roll the ball flat. After a short fight with the defender, Andre Battachi finally puts the ball in the net, his shot came from the right flank but Leo Grosafo managed to save it with an unbelievable reaction.

In the struggle for fourth place in League 1, the gap between the two teams narrowed by two points. The home side slid their way through the middle and nearly recovered as Hervin Ongenda tried to slip the ball away from the keeper. In the other goal, Pavol Safranco’s header and Laurent Kovac’s shot were bravely blocked by Edward Pappe, then on the other side Nikzoli Roland saved two shots in one minute.

Disappointed by Rush Bohina’s changeover, Cepsi is set to beat Craiova at home on Wednesday.

Welcome, dear readers, to SEPSI-U. CRAIOVA football match online!

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