Investment scams cause record losses

Investment scams cause record losses

The rapid development of the World Wide Web and the commercial world in general has outgrown the security measures that should have protected individuals from the misuse of these types of transactions.

The This was revealed in a study conducted by Atlas VPNInternet fraud cases are the most serious in the investment business category.

According to the latest data from the US authorities, there were 2.66 billion US citizens in the first quarter of 2022 dollar It lost to various types of investment fraud, an increase of 50 percent from the $1.77 billion it lost in 2021.

scary growth

From a broader perspective, investment fraud in the United States has jumped 28-fold in the past five years. In general, since 2018, investment Tricks It’s been growing at a rate of 149 percent annually.

The increasing seriousness of the problem is also reflected in the number of complaints filed with the censors there. In the first three quarters of 2022, the authority received reports of nearly 80,000 investment frauds, of which 74 percent indicated financial losses. In contrast, fewer than 15,000 complaints were received in 2018, of which 54 percent referred to actual damages.

It is not easy to restore it

Most of the victims of investment scams transfer their money in the form of cryptocurrency, which is difficult to track and recover, as the entire system is based on anonymity and decentralization.

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In addition, dangerous actors can use various services, such as cryptocurrency mugs, to cover their tracks to the point where it becomes virtually impossible to track them down.

In these cases, the data protection provided by the blockchain system works against the victims and in favor of the criminals.

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