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Indicator – Economy – The government has decided that the energy efficiency rating of buildings will change

Indicator – Economy – The government has decided that the energy efficiency rating of buildings will change

According to the announcement, an energy certificate introduced in 2009 provides information on a building’s energy characteristics and makes recommendations for renovations that increase energy efficiency.

It must be intended for newly constructed buildings or buildings intended for sale or long-term lease. Among other things, this obligation does not apply to properties with a usable floor area of ​​less than 50 square meters, or where certain conditions are present, such as holiday homes or workshops.

The certification ranks buildings according to their energy quality on a twelve-point scale similar to that of large household appliances. According to the ministry, the methodology that was created a decade and a half ago could not take into account modern building technology systems and alternative solutions (solar panels, LED lighting sources) that have spread in the meantime.

The amendment, which will enter into force at the end of the year, replaces outdated or overly complex parts of the regulation with new, user-friendly ones.

The sample transparent certificate graphically shows the energy consumption of the entire building (or individual building parts) and individual mechanical systems with ratings. Records detailed renovation and modernization proposals in stages, with schedules and cost plans. The recommendations can help families make better use of energy in a cost-effective way.

Builders will have more wiggle room

Possibilities for technological compliance with the projected near-zero energy level of new buildings are expanding.

A mandatory renewable quota requirement is no longer required, while maintaining overall energy characteristics, provisions set an upper limit for specific CO2 emissions based on the entire life cycle.

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This provides more wiggle room for builders, the ministry explained, so that, for example, district heating and district cooling from waste heat or combined energy becomes equivalent to renewable energy.

Reducing requirements for major renovations can have a catalytic effect.

The ministry also notes that in the case of expanding apartment buildings, looser rules may encourage the modernization of building mechanical systems. Unlike before, the new rules must be taken into account not only at the time of operation, but also in the building permit or simple notification procedure.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the technical description or the architectural-technical documents containing the calculations must be prepared before construction, during the planning period, which greatly eases the situation of builders.

The new calculation method enables the application of new technological systems in the design of the technical systems of the building of the house or apartment under construction or renovation. The energy certificate must be presented by the seller or lessor by the day the sale or lease agreement is concluded,

It must be delivered to the purchaser or lessee no later than the date of possession.

The more flexible renovation and construction requirements that encourage Hungarian households to use energy more efficiently, the lower consumption can enhance Hungary’s energy independence – concluded the Ministry of Energy’s statement.