Timi Vajna spends his life in Hungary

– Tímea Vajna wants out of Nobu and completely liquidates all of its business relationships in Hungary. In addition, as far as I know, her fiancé, Zoltan, who helps her as a consultant, is also ending his relationship with the company. Tímea is negotiating with his American business partner, Samuel Russel Falconello, about a change of ownership — our business insiders have revealed, after Blikk learned Tímea had recently secretly visited Hungary to sort out his domestic finances.

There aren’t many of these anymore, since from his previous eleven corporate affiliations there is only one left today, and that’s exactly the fine dining Nobu restaurant in Budapest, of which he was one of the owners. According to a Bank360 expert, the widow is connected to the Budapest living room through a seemingly complex property structure.

– Co-owner of BUNO Vendéglátóipari Kft. , who runs a restaurant called Nobu, is AV Investments Kft. , one of its senior executives is Timea Vajna. Owner of AV Investment Kft. It is Cinergi Entertainment LLC, a company based in Las Vegas, that Timea holds a leading position with Falconello – we received an explanation from the specialist, who also explained that Timea had sold all the other parts of the company in recent years, in which he was previously involved.

Tímea Vajna’s business decision is understandable, as she has already made it clear that she is planning her future in the US, about two years ago she bought a luxurious seven-room villa on top of Beverly Hills worth about two billion forints, one of the rooms – if all goes according to the widow’s plans and succeeds, there will be Bottle Program – Soon you may be home to your first baby.

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