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Indicator – abroad – the RMDSZ did not get a seat in the new Romanian government

Indicator – abroad – the RMDSZ did not get a seat in the new Romanian government

The Federal President told reporters in Parliament after consulting on the formation of the government with the Head of State and negotiations with former coalition partners on Tuesday:

The coalition ministers did their job well, and the RMDSZ showed flexibility in redistributing ministerial posts in order to continue joint governance, but the former partners imposed such unacceptable conditions that they practically pushed the RMDSZ out of the government.

The two Romanian parties have a parliamentary majority even without the votes of the RMDSZ.

Clement Honore told Hungarian public media: Everyone admits that the RMDSZ officials at the head of the ministries did a very professional, serious, responsible and efficient job, so there is no single argument why they should abandon these ministries, when the original agreement to replace the prime minister is the RMDSZ would not have been affected.

When faced with the fact that the Romanian parties were asking for the Ministry of Development (led by Attila Cicci), the Ministry of Environment (led by Barna Tankzos), sometimes compromises were proposed, but they were not accepted either.

Clement Honore referred to the course of negotiations.

No compromise was reached

“From our point of view, there is no place to retreat any further. Sometimes I had the feeling that this was planned: every time we came close to a compromise, they came up with a new case, a new idea, until we got to the point where we couldn’t move on.” Go ahead with it, ”said the head of the RMDSZ.

He added that until the Prime Minister-designate Marcel Siolako, who is responsible for forming the government, presents the list of government to Parliament, the situation may change in principle, but now he does not really see an opportunity for them to continue ruling. together.

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When asked how the RMDSZ is being politicized in opposition as the 2024 elections approach, Clement Honore said he could not give an exhaustive answer.

The most important thing is to be able to stand in front of our constituents with a straight spine. They know we’re willing to compromise, but we’re no one’s doormat. They know that if we say something, we stand for it, and if we do something, we do it seriously. Community interest comes first! Obviously, we can add the rest over time

– the head of the RMDSZ concluded his statement.

On Tuesday, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis entrusted Marcel Ciolakut, head of the Social Democratic Party, with forming the government, according to previous plans. In principle, the prime minister-designate has ten days to request a vote of confidence from parliament to form the new government and its programme, but he said he hopes the government he heads will be sworn in as soon as possible. Thursday, MTI reports.