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The strength of French esports really shows not only in the current eighth place on the medal table (they currently hold 6 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze), but the fact that their five teams are also preparing for the semi-finals. .

men’s handball

Among the four, the French national team is waiting for Egypt, which is causing a sensation in the tournament. The paper form is completely in the French’s favour, reaching the finals in 2016 and taking five-ring gold medals in 2008 and 2012. Egypt has never reached the semi-finals of the Olympics, and its best performance to date was sixth in Atlanta in 1996 .

semi final:

  • France-Egypt 10:00
  • Denmark – Spain 14:00

men’s basketball

The French team has so far reached the top four of the tournament with a truly convincing performance, starting with new Madrid teammate Adam Hanga to teach the sport’s superstars, and the 16-year-old Americans undefeated at the Olympics. With this momentum, they won their group against the Americans with an impeccable performance, then confidently beat the Italians in the quarter-finals (84-75). After the Americans were overtaken in the group, they didn’t have to say goodbye to world champion Spain – which is what the Yankees did for them. The French are now the not-so-secret favorites for the Olympics, with the Slovenian national team waiting in the semi-finals. The Slovenes have so far been brilliant in the tournament, playing real basketball against Germany (94-70) under the guidance of genius Luka Doncic. He is a Dallas Mavericks player with a team undefeated in seventeen games and is confident that the Frenchman who beat America will lead the way to a dream final against the Americans. On the other hand, the French are hoping that their team can take on the Olympic final again after the silver medals in 1948 and 2000.

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semi final:

  • United States and Australia 06:15
  • France – Slovenia 13:00

Volleyball for men

The French public is perhaps the most optimistic about this team, after its national team bid farewell to the gold team with a gold medal at the last world championships in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Volleyball Men’s Championship. After being declared the favorite, the French 2015 European champion reached the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time. Of the four, a lighter opponent on paper, the Argentine team, awaits them.

semi final:

  • Brazil and Russia Olympic team at 6:00 pm.
  • France – Argentina 14:00

Women’s handball

Interestingly, even in women’s handball, the world champion had to drop the French national team into the semi-finals. The goalkeeper of the victory over Holland is Geyer, amandine Lynn, as well as Jyor take away Nizi Minko was his hero. In the final match, France’s opponent on Friday will be Sweden, who suffered their only defeat against Hungary.

Semi-finals: (Friday)

  • Norway and Russia 10:00
  • France – Sweden 14:00

Women’s basketball

In the quarter-finals on Wednesday in June, the French silver medalist won the European silver medal in Rio in a massive fight (67-64). The French will meet the surprising team of the tournament, the Japanese host, in the semi-finals, who had previously defeated them once in the group stage (74-70). Of course, this does not matter much now, because on the other side are the Americans, who are the main candidates, who are leading for their seventh gold in a row, and they also beat the French once (93-82 ).

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Semi-finals: (Friday)

  • United States – Serbia 6:40
  • Japan and France 13:00

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