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Index – My Home – Lagos Kousa has been in conflict with his wife

Index - My Home - Lagos Kousa has been in conflict with his wife

a According to Blake Laius Kossa and his wife were in dispute over whether to hold a meeting with the German finance minister and Singer’s heir.

Peter Gohsz, the former local government representative, is his property He talked about it on his social channelWhich – which

Lajos Kósa lied when he said he did nothing to get the money promised to him by Csenger’s heir.

On the basis of the police certificate in his possession from which he read the details, it appears that In the spring of 2013 around Heiress Csengeri The well-known Gáborné Sz. Lajos Kósa invited to Germany to negotiate with German Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble with the intervention of a lawyer.

On the other hand, Lajos Kósa’s wife gets into conflict with her husband, who has denied the planned meetings to contact Blikk. However, the politician’s wife said in a police statement that her husband asked her to attend the meeting with her and help her translate into German.

Finally, the trip was “canceled” by the German Finance Minister one or two days before the meeting, Ms. Gabrien Sez. Two more appointments were arranged after the accident, but Laios Kosa’s wife, according to his testimony, suspected the story, and after canceling two trips on the third date, he indicated that he did not wish to participate in this future.

Laios Kossa stated in his police confession that he invited Gaborone Sz to Germany and Switzerland, but the German trip never took place. He also said that Csenger’s heiress told her that the daughter of the German finance minister would contact her over the phone. This happened, but after a few sentences the streak was broken.

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Blikk asked Lyos Kousa about the purpose of the meeting. At first, the politician only said that he had no information about program organizers in German governments. Then he added

For my part, I would like to inform you directly: Despite all my appreciation, I did not plan to meet with Mr. Schauble, and that is probably the reason why I was not lucky to meet him.

According to the video, the politician also denied in his testimony that he had accepted gifts from Gabor Sz, despite the fact that investigators showed him signed documents and stated that he would accept gifts from the heir. Although these were not real.

Lagos Kossa’s mother also denied receiving gifts from Gabor S. Zain at any time, although his documents are included in documents kept by the investigators. He also does not know how his personal information could go to the attorney and notary whom he has never seen.

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