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Today, everyone’s favorite hobby, Samu Csavardi, also known as Sean Astin, is 50 years old as well. Time passed naturally, as it was assumed that when he played the heroic The Hobbit, the actor was 30 years old.

Ano, there are theories circulating about his character, Samu, who, hidden, is the protagonist in Tolkien’s novels, not Frodo. I have personally seen and felt in books and movies that this may be true. Remember,

When Samu possesses the ring, Noble simply returns it to Frodo, while his power drove the others crazy.

Think about it, if it hadn’t been, Frodo would have lost his life in the wild very quickly. Sean Austin brought the most beloved hobbit character to the canvas perfectly.

It’s been seen in The Remote by director Adam Sandler and there have been countless voices dubbed in fairy tales and games as well, but perhaps the most memorable of him is the character in Season 2 of Stranger Things, who is a heroic “foster father” in the story.

We hope to see the actor in a prominent role.

Meanwhile, happy 50th birthday to Sean Astin.

Photo: Rob Kim / Getty Images Hungary

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