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Index – Meanwhile – Rihanna gave her first concert in 8 years, we will never guess the occasion when she took to the stage again

Index – Meanwhile – Rihanna gave her first concert in 8 years, we will never guess the occasion when she took to the stage again

The characters of Gabor and Lally have been played for years.

It ended in the fall of 2022, after 10 years Day and night in Budapest The series, which now stars Peter Kiraly and Norbert Kamaras Balikik World of Mana He was a guest on the YouTube show. Gabor's characters and Lally remain close friends as they were during filming, but they also maintain a close relationship with Miklós Varga, who played Joe.

In addition, Kiraly not only photographed with his best friends, but also with his current partner for a while, as his former lover, Dori Kovacs, was also a member of the ÉNB team for many years. This sometimes had a negative effect on the man.

“It was very difficult. When you love someone, when you are in an intimate relationship with someone and you live together, and you see that there is a bed scene with another character, there is a kissing scene. We had such scandals that we stopped filming.” It is normal for a healthy soul to deal with this when you see your partner being held down, naked, making out in panties, and his friend lying on top of him, and vice versa,” said Kiraly, who was finally getting a little tired of the scripted reality and the monotony, and that, having given up his own identity , he had to constantly play the character of Gabor, even outside of filming.

Norbert Kamaras has a similar opinion on this issue:

“Anu, when it ended, it didn't affect me too badly. I also feel like it ended psychologically at the best time, because the ending was already a bit tiring. But we owe it all,” said the man, who would like to return to television screens at any moment. “So, we have been through such experiences, and I am sure no one else will be given so much in their life.” He is now enjoying his new life in the countryside.

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