Satellite images of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida

Satellite images of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida

NASA helped where there is no electricity.

According to the latest information, the number of victims of Hurricane Ida reached 45, and it caused massive damage to the infrastructure in the United States, including New Orleans: pipelines were cut, tax towers were damaged, access to tap water and fuel was difficult. .

NASA’s Goddard Space Center and the University Space Research Society (USRA) showed from satellite data where there was a power outage, and we compared the images on August 9 and August 31. Miguel Roman One USRA researcher says the images on 31 are surprisingly clear, although it takes 48 hours after this phenomenon for the sky to become clear.

PowerOjuta.US reported that on September 1, more than 985,000 customers experienced a power outage in Louisiana. This does not mean people, but houses and shops. 33,000 customers visited Mississippi in the same way – written by on the NASA website.

One of the satellites measures light pollution and reflectance, creating an opportunity for researchers to distinguish between light sources, intensity, and types. This data was processed by the Black Marble research team, taking into account changes in the landscape (for example, floods), the atmosphere, and the phase of the moon, as well as filtering out stray light from sources that did not come from electric light.

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