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Index – FOMO – A man has lived in a car for eight years, and now he doesn’t even have to work

Index – FOMO – A man has lived in a car for eight years, and now he doesn’t even have to work

Today, most people can hardly imagine being able to move into their home on their own without obtaining any type of loan, and in most cases, even financing daily life is not always easy without accumulating various debts.

Compared to this, it is not surprising that this day remains just a dream for many young people – and old people – as well as the ability to live your life in such a way that a large part of your salary does not go to it. Payment.

This grind satisfied a man from Arizona, Nicholas Bauer, who was not hindered by the fact that he had to give up his comfort for several years in solving his housing problems – and now he created for himself a completely stable financial background. Of course, it would be a mistake to think that anyone can succeed at this, because in addition to hard work and perseverance, some factors must come together to make it happen; However, as Bauer’s story shows, it is far from impossible.

The American man started living in cars in 2015, when he was working at a company as an automotive engineer for $11.50 (4,240 forints) an hour, but by then he had already racked up huge debts. This prompted him to switch from an expensive sublet house to a house on four wheels.

Satisfied with breaks at work

First, the engineer stored his Dodge Dakota pickup truck, which he had driven since high school, in his workplace parking lot and hitched a trailer to the car. Of course, all of this could not have been achieved so easily if Boss Power had not given the employee permission to park his new home there, but the man’s plan worked, and soon he was able to replace the caravan with a modified Unimog 404. The old truck thanks to the money he saved. The man was able to live more comfortably in this, as the SUV converted into a mobile home already had a wooden floor, bed, flat-screen TV and broadband internet for the convenience of the vehicle engineer.

However, this isn’t really suitable for anyone in the long run, so he quickly decides that he should look for another car that already has its own toilet.

That’s when he bought a military vehicle and attached a 1987 Fleetwood Prowler RV equipped with solar panels, allowing him to move into a larger home than ever before. At the time, he had been living for years without paying rent and utility bills, thanks to which he was able to slowly pay off most of his debts. At that time, he was also fitted with a fold-down double bed and heating, and also installed security cameras in his new home.

The birth of her little daughter put an end to her car life

Saving for many years seemed to be successful for the man, but after a certain point, despite his determination, he had to give up this type of lifestyle. His relationship became serious, his girlfriend became pregnant, and then their daughter was born, so the family, which had expanded to three members, decided to settle down.

As can be guessed from Bauer’s principles, he did not imagine it in the usual way either, and accordingly the family moved into a mobile home worth $11,000 (4 million forints), which was placed on a two-hectare plot of land owned by a man’s company. This is also where he keeps his former homes, i.e. unsold cars and mobile homes.

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Although he did not reveal precise information about the cost of the conspiracy, he remained silent about it Super large life in Arizona In his presentation, how much savings he currently has.

But it can be guessed that he managed to save a significant amount during the eight years full of resignations.

At least that can be said with certainty, based on the fact that Nicholas Bauer, now 32 years old, recently lost his job, but despite this, he is not in despair at all. According to him, he has managed to save enough money in recent years, raising chickens, and no longer has to pay rent or loan payments, so he can take care of himself and his family even as an unemployed person.

How did he settle down? Of course not, her next goal is to move into the woods when her little girl gets older, where she envisions 50 trucks and RVs to make sure everything has its place.

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