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Index – Culture – The Voice singer suffers a great loss

Index – Culture – The Voice singer suffers a great loss

the Voice of Hungary The winner could take home 36 million Hungarian forints, the largest prize ever for a Hungarian talent search. But let’s not rush ahead too much, because after the Determination, Duel and Knockout stages, the contestants now have to prove themselves in the live shows. They don’t have an easy task, as four of the 12 singers said goodbye to the show at the end of the first live show.

Ten out of ten productions

Jazmin Haga was the first to take to the stage of The Voice. Manuel’s rival is Kris Kross Jumping He plowed the stage of The Voice with his beat. Not only the audience, but also the coaching staff could not sit down to watch the production. He gave everyone in the studio a standing ovation. No matter how much Bence Estines wanted to tell Nori Trocan “this is how you should start a live show,” the actor resisted and instead praised the contestant in a different way. “This was a perfect theatrical production, I love you.” According to Curtis, his rapping was world-class.

Kunzia Conso Lady Gaga Always remember us that way He impressed everyone with his song. Manuel said at the beginning of the song that he had probably never seen the Italian girl so delicate and feminine before. “Then came his usual attitude. The production was 10/10. I really liked.” According to Erika Miklosa, the audience saw a very moving production. You can feel that everything is music, everything is singing. He also rated the production ten out of ten.

Gabor Homoki Carlos Cruz Batalla wobble He brought his song to the first live show. Curtis loved the production, particularly highlighting the dance moves, which he compared to those of Elvis Presley. “You don’t need the violin all the time, man,” the rapper said. Nora Trocan agreed with her fellow instructor, but noted that the machine adds more fire.

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Margaret Island is a Fores dream Of happiness He performed his song. Erika Miklosa was very impressed with the production. According to Manuel, the teenage girl was the best. He also praised the choice of song thanks to which Szonja began to open up. Then you are on the right track.

Harmat Kovács was also created for the theater by God – this is how Nora Trukan thought about its production (Billie Eilish: Happier than ever), which was followed by a standing ovation. According to him, Haramat always brings a high level and a precise and sensitive vibration to the studio and in front of the TV screens, which is very unique. Curtis highlighted stage presence and precise, courageous inflections. He is already waiting to hear what he will hear from the competitor.

Your heart and soul were here

Adam Bakti owns, They know me Made with his song According to Nuri Turkkan, the boy simply blew up the stage. Curtis was also satisfied with his rival, and was especially happy that the man agreed and complied with the things he asked of him during the tests.

After that, Curtis’s rival took the stage again. Zsuzsa Virág Timóteus Cserháti My beautiful little baby He sang his song and impressed the judges. Manuel really liked the production and praised the song choice. Erika Miklosa said:

Your heart and soul was here You sang this song to your little son through our recruitment too.

Kovacs Allies Sean Paul I got busy He stole the hearts of those in the studio with his hit. After producing it, Curtis said: “Hats off to you, that was extra, congratulations!” Nouri Trokan did not hide her opinion either:

You’re going to be a very serious jazz singer. I don’t know what your plans are, but I can see you singing amazingly well with a very serious jazz band on a very serious jazz stage.

Peter Galambos Avril Lavigne I’m with you He sang his song. Miklósa doesn’t want to see how excited he is on stage, not because he thinks he’s a very good person, in his opinion the beautiful human spirit comes through the contestant’s voice. Manuel liked the production, but for some reason he didn’t like it.

Lilla Anna Kalocsai is the Hobo Blues Band 3:20 Blues Appearing in front of the audience with his song Miklosa first highlighted the song choice, which he thought was well done, and also because the contestant was so excited that it was a challenge for him. He added that this created a good atmosphere. Manuel didn’t think she had such energy and was constantly showing a new face.

This is the way to start a live show

Artur Berki cried on stage after DESH sang it Garbage truck His song. According to Curtis, the boy has amazing knowledge that he uses well. She likes it when someone uses what they have with good taste,” Erika Miklosa confirmed. “The entire performance was absolutely delicious and showed his deep emotions.” After the evaluations, it turned out that the competitor lost his grandfather this week. “I know he was watching and hearing me from above. I have to do this for him,” Artur Berki said, fighting back tears.

Chef Erika Lizzo Cuz I love you He performed his hit song. Curtis began the review:

It’s amazing what you’ve done. Where does that sound come from?

According to Nuri Turkkan, this was the best singing of the evening. Manuel joined those before him. According to him, it was a perfect production, because you couldn’t care about anything but him in the studio.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of work behind the contestants’ productions, and the magic of live broadcasting has not left them either. They proved it: many of them made the stars sing from the sky or made the audience dance. The entire studio gave a standing ovation after several productions. The jury repeatedly expressed how impressed they were with her. So maybe it’s not an exaggeration to say that

However, only eight of the 12 contestants were able to continue in the competition based on viewer votes.

Finally, Cinzia Konso, Jazmin Haaga, Gabor Homoki, and Adam Bakti said goodbye to the first live show of The Voice.

This means that Erica Miklosa with her two singers, With Alize Kovacs And Cook with Erika You can prepare for the next competition. Manuel Kovacs in Harmat And In Artur Berki You can count on next week. Nora Trocan continues with her three singers, viz With Szonja Fores, Kaluxa with Leela Anna And With Peter Galambos The race continues. And Curtis with his only competitor, Flower with Timothy It extends to the next round.

the the sound RTL will broadcast its second live show next Saturday, starting at 7:30 p.m.

(Cover image: RTL Sajtóklub)