Index – Abroad – Traffic chaos expected in Great Britain due to rail strike

The UK rail network will not stop completely on Thursday, but most trains in England, Wales and Scotland will be canceled and only five train services are expected to operate.

The wages of our members working in the railway sector have been frozen for the third or fourth year. Meanwhile, food and fuel bills have skyrocketed and workers are getting poorer due to the crisis in living standards caused by the Conservatives. That’s enough – it can’t go on like this

– Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of one of the transport unions, TSSA announced.

The Secretary of Transportation, Grant Shapps, condemned More strikesHe said unions were “intent” to make people “suffer” as much as possible.

It is not right for the country to be held captive by union leaders who seek to protect outdated labor arrangements that have no place in the twenty-first century.

– wrote on Twitter.

About 45,000 transport workers – including vital signs and train staff for the rail network – are expected to be out of work during Thursday’s RMT transport union strike. Railway cleaners and station guards won’t work either – he writes in his live coverage does not depend on.

On Thursday, the London Underground, buses and high-speed trains will operate, but their workers will also strike from Friday.

(Cover photo: London’s King’s Cross station closed due to strike on July 27, 2022. Photo: Carlos Gasso/AFP)

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