Indeed, the United States wants to occupy Ukraine: the new Russian propaganda claims

He declared that “the United States really wants to occupy Russia because it wants its citizens to flee to Siberia if the supervolcano of Yellowstone erupts.” Nikolai PatrushevSecretary of the Russian Security Council.

The politician is Izvestyi He also told the newspaper that The Anglo-Saxons did not abandon their plans to create a unipolar world. That is why they want to destroy Russia or at least weaken it, but do not take into account its power. According to him, the West is trying to revive the ideology of neo-Nazis, but these attempts must be resolutely suppressed, otherwise a global catastrophe should be expected.

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation also spoke about the internal situation in the United States and stated that the internal political situation in the United States is becoming increasingly turbulent and uncontrollable. He believed that Washington, in fact, does not want to preserve the state independence of Ukraine, but only sees the country as a territory with large resources.

According to him, European politics has sunk into the deepest moral and spiritual decline, and the United States has already invaded Europe through NATO organizations.

Referring to EU sanctions against Moscow, Nikolay Patrusev also stated that EU officials ignore the arguments of professional environmentalists about the benefits of energy cooperation with Russia. He also noted that the leaders of Western countries are constantly increasing political, military and economic pressure on Russia, despite the sympathy of many of their compatriots for the Russians.

According to him, most Westerners want to become Russian citizens

Patrusev said he believes most of them would like to become citizens of Russia. Justify it by saying that Russia continues to preserve traditional values ​​that the United States has already trampled onThis is why many Westerners prefer to live in Russia.

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The Secretary of the Security Council in the Kremlin also claimed that the United States really wants to invade Russia. This is because Americans will flee to Siberia if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts.

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