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In the upcoming elections, what is important is the resident, not the place of residence

In the upcoming elections, what is important is the resident, not the place of residence
In the municipal elections scheduled for next June 9, those who vote by re-registering will be able to vote for candidates of their place of residence, not their place of residence. This means that, unlike parliamentary elections, there will be no “mobile votes.” .

In parliamentary elections, voters have the opportunity to move to any settlement in Hungary in order to vote there. In that case, even if the voter does not vote in his place of residence, he can vote for the candidates of the electoral district of his place of residence, because before the elections his ballot card will be delivered to the electoral district designated for voting by transport.

However, in elections for representatives of local governments and mayors, a voter can only register at his place of residence, and only if he indicates his place of residence 30 days before the election – in the case of voting on June 9, by February 11. Another condition for voting is to re-register in elections Local government: The voter does not cancel his place of residence until the day of voting, and his validity continues until at least the day of the election.

The voter must submit an application until next May 31 to be able to exercise his right to vote in the municipality in which he resides. So far, more than 6,000 voters have registered to change their place of residence, and in 2019, 29,130 ​​voted in municipal elections and 97,618 in European Parliament elections.

In local government elections, there are no designated voting areas for re-registration as usual in parliamentary and European Parliament elections, as re-registration can only be done in the voting area according to registered place of residence. For this reason, hospital inmates cannot now exercise their right to vote in municipal elections (except in a special case when the voter's place of residence or residence is in the same voting district in which the hospital or prison is located).

The voter can also request a mobile ballot box in the event of re-registration, if he is unable to come to the polling station due to his health condition and requests the mobile ballot box to his registered place of residence or to another address affiliated with the Commission. Same voting area

The possibility of re-registration is also open to voters of different nationalities, with the additional provision that if a voter re-registers in a settlement where the particular nationality does not have elections at the settlement level or the regional level, he loses the possibility of having local-voting at the autonomous level or nationality at the regional level. For your candidates.

However, in the election of members of the European Parliament, the voter can move to another Hungarian settlement without restrictions, in which case he can cast his vote in the European Parliament elections at the polling station designated for voters by transfer, but in this case he can cast his vote in the European Parliament elections . They will not receive the ballot paper for the local government elections. However, those who have registered for European Parliament elections in another settlement can vote in local government elections in the voting area of ​​their place of residence.

The European Parliament ballots of re-registered voters – whether they re-register at their place of residence or in another settlement – ​​do not “travel”, as the whole of Hungary forms an electoral district in the European Parliament elections, so votes can be counted in the electoral district in which the voter voted.

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