Wild West Battle Royale will be GRIT

Wild West Battle Royale will be GRIT


The canopy made of the settler cart drawing canvas is especially funny.

07/04/2021 22:42 | Jerig | Category: Game

The Wild West was a difficult place, even if it wasn’t fate that combined fate with Satan’s right and left. It also sometimes inspires video game developers, who tend to tackle this grateful topic well. Just think of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Desperados III.

Whether you can reach their level The GRIT Team New studio game, a perseveranceYou really don’t want to compete with them. GRIT will be a battle royale game, so you’ll be competing in a completely different field, where you can’t expect less powerful competition.

So players will fall somewhere in the Wild West of the sky (the first preliminary testimony is that there will be a parachute landing here as well, which is very funny to draw) and then look into wolf eyes with another 99 barrels of cowboy pistol. Otherwise, the system will follow the usual system: start with a bare back, lock some of the guns as quickly as possible, then hope to pull them as far as possible, others and each other in a nice line. We’ll win a lucky shot at the end.

GRIT is scheduled to receive its early version sometime in the spring, and before that it will be possible to even sample the game in beta tests. ■

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