Dealing With An Ex: How To Deal After A Break Up

Dealing With Breakup


Dealing with an ex can be easy or hard thing to have on your plate, along with schoolwork, a job, and a social life while in college. It’s best to try to nip the problem with an ex A.S.A.P. or while you studying for Statistics Exam, he or she will be in the back of your head instead of out sight, out of my mind. Everyone’s relationship is different, everyone loves differently, but somehow the end of a relationship can make dealing with an ex not so smooth of a transition. This is when we come in to give you a little insight on what to do, and how to go about going from lover to ex-lover.

Ex already sounds horrible, but you earned that title just like you earned boyfriend/girlfriend. If you can’t do anything in this stage of the relationship please try to end on a good foot. You don’t want your ex-mad at you or y’all both really want the other to run into a brick wall. Karma does know how, when, and where to get you, so be cautious of the actions.


  • Kill the Social Media. Do not go on social media dragging your ex in the mud. Just unfollow or unfriend them from social media.
  • Abused Skit: The whole “It’s not you, it’s me” phrase and excuse is very young. Tell them what’s really going on
  • BE PATIENT! A breakup just happened, you both need time to let it sink (Now Drake would be good for this, but let’s not go there)
  • Be Careful. Yes it’s a break up, but don’t do the extremes like drink alcohol or do drugs just to get rid of the heartache.
  • So much free time. Find a sport to learn or a visit one of your old hobbies you couldn’t do when you were taken. Running can be very therapeutic
  • Enhance your look: You are single so get a new look. Go buy some new shoes or get a new hair cut/style.
  • FRIENDS: Yes you may have been distant from your friends, but they are their for you. You should call, text, or study with them. They are they for you.
  • That Friend Factor: You really can’t be friends with your ex, but it’s nice to be cordial with them. If you both attend the same college y’all will probably end up in the same social circle or event on campus.

It’s another lesson learned, so go focus on the good that’s yet to come. Keeping that anger on your shoulders and resentment will bring everyone around you and yourself down.

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