Lawrence’s Outing: Australian Grand Prix Postponed!

As previously reported, some Italian newspapers took the money to miss the season’s inaugural Australian Grand Prix, and even assumed that the teams participated in the decision-making process in the meantime. Then came the refutation of upper circles in Australia that there was nothing right about a delay. This time, Lawrence Stroll spoke about it.

The Canadian businessman told “although it has not been officially announced yet, Melbourne will not be canceled, but will be postponed.” Western Australia A question. “We’ll be going there sometime in the fall, so the first race will be in Bahrain.”

More F1 News:

The first Aston Martin man expects the coming months to be very difficult for Formula One, although he sees some hope for a long-term future as vaccines start to spread.

“I think we are facing two or three months full of difficulties. We see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to vaccines.” Lawrence Stroll, who praised the FIA ​​for their efforts in 2020, said, “I expect the first races to be difficult.”

The Canadian billionaire concluded, “Drops the hat for the Formula 1 Management and the FIA ​​for their ability to run 17 races in just 23 weeks without major problems. It was a really impressive performance on their part.”

On Suzuka’s Super Formula Tour, four cars attempted to take one together, causing two cars to collide against the wall.

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