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Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid Advance

Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid Advance

The seating position can be well adjusted with the seat and steering wheel adjustment options. When cool, the four cylinders remain silent or begin generating electricity, depending on the battery charge.

There is no gearbox, no DSG and no stepless CVT. Gasoline engine can only drive the wheels directly from the road speed, indicated by the gear wheel, most of the time, the electric motor works alone, the gasoline engine only produces electricity

Below 30km/h we roll over accompanied by a warning beep when the petrol engine stalls. The sound is subtle, there is no carrier narcotic component in it. You can always see clearly from the EV wording in the digital clock cluster when the petrol engine is off and you are only driving with the electric motor.

The high voltage battery can be quickly recharged on an incline. If the screen is full, the car will roll for more than a kilometer on a flat road before the petrol engine starts due to high gas or three fuel taps.

The entry and exit of the internal combustion engine also goes smoothly, without jerking, because for the most part its task is to develop electricity, it does not drive directly. It only powers the front wheels through a fixed gear if it is more efficient than generating electricity to move the car with the electric machine, from a speed of about 100 km/h.

140 was really enough for the Japanese hybrid in 4 liters in Budapest

A big improvement is the narrow roof pillars rather than a single, flimsy one. There is no adjustable lumbar support, and the noise level is low at constant speeds

Econ mode can be used painlessly and can be activated with a nice green switch. The slow acceleration did not bother me, because the Jazz Hybrid is alien to sporty driving.

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Instead, I was rewarding myself with sustained electric glide even during gentle acceleration rather than wild turns. The Jazz’s steering doesn’t give much feedback from the road, it’s not even subtle, I’m always surprised why Honda, capable of developing the Civic Type R, thinks that’s exactly what’s good for the Jazz customer base. On the other hand, the two-spoke steering wheel has good grip and a nice diameter.

The tested Honda Jazz is a very nice car. This does not mean that it cannot be accelerated naturally with the help of its electric motor, acceleration to 100 in 9.6 seconds is not bad, it behaves piously due to the quietness emanating from the car.

In Budapest, 4 liters was really enough for the Japanese hybrid 141

It can be easily rolled using the electric motor. Jazz is a non-aggressive car with little environmental pollution

There will be no problem with the car rolling over if this is combined with a more comfortable ride. It’s good up front, but rear passengers tend to wobble because of the trailing arm suspension attached, and the suspension didn’t get any more comfortable even as the load increased.

When running only as a generator at a constant, moderate speed with petrol, its noise is not serious, but on the highway it gets quite loud during spirited acceleration. But if we reach cruising speed and stay between 140-150, instead of reaching the top speed of 175 km / h, the gas drops and we can travel on the highway at about 130 with a completely civilized noise level.

On long trips, the quiet, well-behaved powertrain and good range resulting from lower fuel consumption motivate economical driving, only the seat without adjustable lumbar support, which requires better back support, encourages me to get there as soon as possible.

In Budapest, 4 liters was really enough for the Japanese hybrid 142

The interior design could be used very cleverly, only the navigation menu needs to be dusted off

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