Index - Economy - The government extends wage subsidies

Index – Economy – The government extends wage subsidies

Borrowers will also be expanded in the Rapid Restart of Interest-Free Loan to include companies that will have to suspend their services between March 8 and 22, according to the recent tightening.

The government calls on the Hungarian Development Bank, which is responsible for the loan program, to work on the details and create conditions as soon as possible. He explained that this is the express loan, which starts with a moratorium of three years and can be provided up to 10 million HUF. Gergeli Julias The Prime Minister made a decision on Thursday in the state media during the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Wage subsidies are being extended

Girjili Golias also spoke about the fact that the measures that went into effect on Monday pose particular difficulties for those moving into the service sector. This is why the government is extending wage subsidies to all affected sectors outside of tourism and hospitality. This will be booked not only for the two weeks from March 8-22, but for the entire month of March.

Likewise, the monthly tax of 50/75 thousand forints for the month of March will be waived.

In addition, stores and establishments designated for the current compulsory holiday will be exempt from paying the following general fees in March:

  • Contribution of the employer;
  • the meeting.
  • Pay rent (in state or municipal buildings).

To date, more than 5.6 billion wage subsidies have been paid out

According to Gergely Gulyás, the government has so far paid 50 billion 618 million forints in wages, having demanded a total of 50 billion 857 forints. That’s roughly 99 percent.

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