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He built “the narrowest house in the world” to annoy his neighbor

He built “the narrowest house in the world” to annoy his neighbor

A strange building arose from a dispute between neighbors.

Petralia Soprana, Sicily – a small village of 2,475 people in the heart of the Madone Mountains in the province of Palermo – is home to one of Italy's most unusual tourist attractions. The building called “Casa du Currivu” is a two-storey house, the lower floor of which is quite average, and the upper floor is only one meter wide.

It is impossible to live in this ominous level of the building, which locals consider “the narrowest house in the world” – which consists of only one staircase and a few windows. It was allegedly designed only to block the view from a neighbour's window after an argument.

The strange house was built sometime in the 1950s as a result of a conflict between two neighbors. At that time, it was not unusual for homeowners to add one floor to their residence vertically over time, except with the consent of their neighbors. However, in this case, the owner of Casa du Currivu failed to get his neighbor's consent, so he decided to take revenge.

While building a second floor next to the neighboring building requires the neighbor's consent, a certain distance from the neighboring building no longer requires permission, so the owner of Casa du Currivu built the thinnest house possible just to block his neighbor's view. Even though he knew he would never live in that cramped apartment.

In any case, the “narrow house” built rightly, just to annoy the neighbour, has already become one of the main attractions of Petralia Sottana.

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We previously presented a very cramped apartment building in London, where two people couldn't fit next to each other. All space saving ideas were used during the design, especially the huge ceiling height.


Featured image source: Bella Cecilia / YouTube – Video

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