Want To Travel The World For Free? Here’s How With #HBCU Travelers

For us, college students who might not be as financially sound (a.k.a broke), taking a trip to Panama City for spring break can be seen as a groundbreaking experience. However, for the HBCU Travelers organization, their idea of an excursion is a bit more extravagant.

Deemed a public charity organization founded to “support the advancement of students attending HBCUs by directly promoting and funding international experiences”, HBCU Travelers is on a mission promoting and fundraising to raise awareness for international travel for college-educated minorities. In hopes of raising the numbers of black students that have traveled outside the country past its current 5% statistic, the premise that travel has a direct and positive impact on a young person’s overall development and success fuels the HBCU Travelers mission. The team, which consists of a variety of students from HBCU North Carolina A&T, has made significant strides in the growth of minority travel by implementing scholarships and on-campus programs to build their network. And as their first birthday has just passed, these initiatives have all taken place within less than a year of their founding on February 15, 2016!

As a self-proclaimed “Army Brat”, I have been blessed to receive innumerable opportunities to travel the world, absorbing the cultures of varying cities, towns, and countries. And just as the HBCU Travelers have stated, it is important that our minorities continue to travel to receive the unmatched benefits of experiencing life abroad. The competitive edge and social gain that come with world travel should not be overlooked due to the financial, environmental, psychological barriers that often plague young blacks and minorities. The world can seem so vastly out of reach to those who have often lacked the ability to venture outside their hometown. However, organizations like HBCU Travelers are making these adventures attainable and relatable to the otherwise discouraged college student.

If you are interested in learning more about the HBCU Travelers organization and what opportunities they are creating for future world explorers be sure to check them out!


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