Great man: a girl gave up and someone didn't get a rose

Great man: a girl gave up and someone didn’t get a rose

The fourth rose ceremony took place, which was preceded by events, and an unexpected twist that spectators could not really expect.

Not only did Dávid Tóth begin to enjoy dating, while he has already exchanged fierce kisses with several girls, but there will also be some that he will send, since only one rose will remain in the end.

Everything is totally unpredictable, not least because of Laura, who has dislocated The Great One on its feet in a visible way. It is almost inevitable for him, and it is no coincidence that he does so at the rose ceremony.

Even before that happened, One of the contestants gave up, called David aside, and told him to let go of the forkBecause he does not feel the spark and does not see him as a partner in his life.

David didn’t want to condemn him, seeing as there really wasn’t a deeper emotional line between them, they could just be friends. However, he still had to send someone during the evening.

Unsurprisingly, the first rose was given to Laura, who is the closest to David that she has communicated to everyone. Some were shocked by the decision, even though it was very expected, and it was a warning sign to the other girls that Laura is hard to beat.

Vera and Evelin finally got out, and they were the two people with whom the relationship began, but it stopped for some reason. In the end, Evelyn received the last rose, and David said he wished they could find each other again.

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