Why I Find ‘Grown-ish’ So Relatable

As we all know the new TV show Grown-ish aired on Freeform just days into the New Year. A spin-off of the TV Show Blackish, this new series follows the oldest daughter, Zoey into her freshman year at Southern California University.  Much like its parent show, Grown-ish keeps their diverse audience laughing just as much if not more than its predecessor.

Due to Netflix and my Firestick, I rarely ever actually turn on my television to catch a specific show. However, Grown-ish has caught my eye. It is only three or four episodes in and has already covered a lot of college experiences.

We all can relate to having parents that miss us while we are away, in the first episode, Zoey’s dad, Andre (Anthony Anderson) is having a hard time being away from his daughter. I still remember both my parents’ faces as they departed after helping me move-in. Surprisingly, they were not smiling.

This show addresses many of the weird ‘first-year’ conversations that occur behind many closed college dorm doors. In one episode, Zoey tells on herself as she thought “hooking up” just meant making out. However, her college friends soon let her know that it definitely means tagging more bases than that. We all can relate to learning new slang and its definitions for words we have been using forever. The best clarification we got was “hooking up is always sexual, but doesn’t necessarily mean sex.”

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Boys, boys,…boys. A freshman in college has to do a lot of adjusting in very little time. That adjustment includes the male species as well. You find out that there are college guys who act nothing like high school guys and others who act like they never left. Zoey, who is typically calm, cool, and collected, gets to this school and goes completely coo-coo for Coa Coa Puffs over Aaron, one of the hottest guys on campus. After finally getting her chance with him, she finds a way to overthink and mess it all up. In a more recent episode, she sends thousands of texts after overthinking the situation and Aaron responds ” Please stop.” We may have not gone as far as Zoey….but we’ve all been down that road. Waiting by our phones for a response, double-texting, letting our minds lead us down a dark alley; it never ends well.

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I won’t spoil every episode for you, but Zoey has already been exposed to roommate issues, alcohol, drugs, and boy problems and its still early in the season. Of course Grown-ish keeps the same vibe as Black-ish, keeping the story-line going while discussing current social injustices.

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