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Once again, the special offer is only for a limited time, don’t miss the opportunity.

A more restrained Thursday awaits all players as it gives an old war strategy Free for a limited time on the Epic Games Store. You do not have to pay for up to seven days Wargame: Red DragonYou can add the game to your collection for zero Ft.

Wargame: Red Dragon takes you back to 1991. In the fictional past, a new conflict has broken out in the Asia-Pacific, culminating in war. The armies of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand fell to each other on land, water and air, but if that wasn’t enough, the largest nations around the world joined in the struggles. You can choose from a total of 17 countries (total 1450 different (!)) Units line up on the battlefields. In highly realistic battles, you can experience real-time events, either alone or with yourself. In single player mode a dynamic campaign awaits you, in multiplayer mode with up to 19 other players you can decide in cyberspace which of you is the best strategist.

You can add the promotional game to the Epic Games Store libraries for free until March 5 at 5 PM. Visit our Action Watch section for more FREE video games, as well as the best promotions and mega discounts.

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