The long-term contract on energy works after 2026 between Hungary and Qatar will soon be concluded.

Peter Szijjarto announced in Doha that a political agreement has been reached on the purchase of Qatari LNG from Hungary, and the two parties will enter into a long-term contract for the period after 2026.

“Hungary has been able to maintain its energy security even in the most difficult periods because we do not approach the purchase of energy carriers on an ideological or political basis, but on a practical and material basis and with sound logic,” the minister said. He also added that it is necessary to involve more and more energy sources, but the purpose of this is not the current suppliers (Here he might have meant the Russians.) excitement.

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Regarding possible transit routes, he said that there are several options, either through liquefied natural gas stations in Turkey, Greece, or Poland. However, the move towards Southeastern Europe will require immediate implementation of the capacity expansion investments currently underway.

“In Qatar, they particularly appreciate the fact that last year Hungary was able to prove that it is able to operate its economy without EU money, and that it is even able to keep its economy on a growth path, as we were able to set a record high in investment,” said the minister, who did not The Export Register, which does not elaborate further, says that 99.3 percent of the money expected from EU programs arrived last year, nor that when 2023 GDP data is released soon, it will likely show that we were in a recession. last year.