The new ambassador of the United States has arrived in Hungary, and he believes that we must work together to do it right

The new ambassador of the United States has arrived in Hungary, and he believes that we must work together to do it right

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2022-09-02 12:29:00

At the Senate hearing, he sharply criticized Orban’s government. He will soon hand over his credentials to the head of state, Catalin Novak.

“David Pressman arrived in Budapest on September 2 to begin his work as the US ambassador to Hungary,” the US embassy in Budapest said in a statement sent to our newspaper.

The ambassador is a recognized legal expert and diplomat who has assisted the work of several presidents in the areas of national security, foreign affairs, and human rights.

– He said, adding that he would soon hand over his credentials to the Head of State, Catalin Novak, and then he would perform his duties as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

After arriving on Friday morning, David Pressman held a short press conference, in which he greeted those present in Hungary, adding that it was a great honor to return to Hungary as ambassador and, decades before, he landed at Ferihegy Airport aboard. First trip to Europe. He described our country as an extraordinary country, full of talented people in the world, and revealed that one of his sons is a huge fan of Ernie Rubik, and that politics sometimes resembles a Rubik’s cube. – We live in difficult times in the region and in the whole world, and it is important that friends remain together. The United States is a friend of Hungary and its people. We also need each other to do it right, to collaborate on key economic and security issues, and for this to be a vital relationship based on shared values, he said, adding that he looked forward to working with Orban’s government and traveling frequently. possible in Hungary.

An experienced American diplomat arrived in Hungary as David Pressman, where he represented the United States at the United Nations between 2014 and 2017 at the level of Special Political Ambassador. At the Senate hearing on June 23, he made a statement criticizing Orban’s government. As he said, it is necessary to deal with the problem of Russian influence in the Hungarian Cabinet, which is why concerns should be publicly expressed. And the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Sijarto, did not hesitate either, and answered and asked what he had been told, saying: “We, the Hungarian people, will decide how things will go here in Hungary.”

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