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Vigilő Top 200: The economy gained momentum

Vigilő Top 200: The economy gained momentum

– As surprising as it is, in 2022, the large corporate circle increased its sales in Hungary by fifty percent, which is higher than inflation – said Csaba Szajlai, Head of the Economic Department at Mediaworks, at the Figyelő Top 200 Awards 2023. He added that its sales rose to About ten thousand billion.

Finance Minister Mihály Varga congratulated the companies that were included in the Top 200 list and said that these companies have done a lot to ensure that the ship of the Hungarian economy receives more and more favorable winds.

The Minister of Finance said: “We see a new situation in the economy, and there is good news now.” He stated: A year ago, they were confident that the future would be better. According to him, this future has now arrived. According to him, there was no crisis, because there is a crisis when people lose their jobs en masse, but this did not happen.

Regarding the recent GDP increase, he said it is a good sign that the difficult period is coming to an end. Moreover, compared to the last year of peace before the pandemic, the Hungarian economy has gained momentum, and we are 5.3 percent ahead compared to the last quarter of 2019.

It is also good news that inflation reached the single-digit range in October, at 9.9%. Mihaly Varga also spoke about how cooperation between monetary and fiscal policy creates the opportunity to lower interest rates. Real wages have started to grow again since September, which is also a good sign from a growth point of view, which could lead to a recovery in consumption.

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