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David Purdue appears to tacitly acknowledge Biden’s victory in a video call with Republican Group

But in a videotaped meeting Wednesday with members of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), Purdue spoke pragmatically about the role the Republican-controlled Senate could play as oversight of the Biden administration. He did not discuss Trump’s efforts to cancel the election.

“We know what this change of leadership at the top will mean for our foreign relations,” Purdue said in the video, adding, “If we can keep a majority in the Senate, we can at least be a buffer on some of the things the Biden camp has been talking about in terms of Their foreign policy. “

The recording highlighted intense tension running through the Georgia Senate runoff campaign, with both candidates aggressively promoting because control of the room became more important than ever – an argument that assumed Biden would win.

This message contrasts with the fact that Trump did not acquiesce and continued to seek to reverse the outcome – and angrily criticized his fellow Republicans who did not join him in that fight.

In the recording, Purdue described Biden and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. Kentucky) as longtime former colleagues and “well-known negotiators” who could make previously unseen deals between the White House and Congress in “two or three administrations.”

He referred to Trump’s term as “the last administration.”

We have a chance to do something we might have missed in the previous administration between [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and Trump, Purdue said. This was just a bridge too far from thinking we’d get them to negotiate. But here we have Biden and McConnell, two former colleagues in the Senate, who are well-known negotiators, and if Biden manages to stay away from this extreme part of his party, he might strike some deals. “

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Purdue used a more hypothetical tone at another point in the video, saying the Senate could be in a position to allow such deals “if they end up in power,” a reference to Democrats in the White House.

Purdue spokesman John Burke described the video as “not a story,” adding: “Senator Purdue fully supports President Trump and his fight for transparency and accuracy in this election. For weeks Purdue has been raising the alarm over and over again about the consequences of full democratic control of Congress.” [Senate Majority Leader Charles E.] Schumer wins those two seats in Georgia. “

Perdue was not mentioned in the video How will he work with Trump in a second term.

Participants in the Zoom video call, moderated by former US Senator Norm Coleman, RJC National Chairman, were asked to keep the session unpublished.

Coleman declined to comment when phoned.

RJC CEO Matt Brooks said he was “catching the straw” to conclude that either Perdue or Loeffler acknowledged Biden’s victory on the call with the group.

“A lot of the focus has been on the risks associated with a Senate majority led by Chuck Schumer,” Brooks said. “Any conclusion that neither of these two matters supports the president is not correct, and in fact they will all campaign together in Georgia. Senator Purdue and Senator Loeffler both strongly support President Trump and President Trump support them.”

Both Purdue and Lovler submitted to a run-off after neither exceeded 50 per cent of the vote in crowded fields on November 3. Excluding their seats, the Republicans are set to dominate the Senate 50-48 when they meet next year, meaning the January 5 run-offs will determine the balance of power. If the Democrats choose both seats, they will effectively control the room with Vice President-elect Kamala de Harris’ vote.

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Purdue and Loeffler, whose victories will depend on a massive turnout among supporters of Trump, have so far avoided angering the president, but have posed hostile questions from Trump loyalists at campaign events, demanding to know what they plan to do to help the president uncover the fraud. In the Georgia elections.

In particular, he owns Purdue Previously acknowledged The president’s time in office could be diminished. In a call with donors last month, he indicated that Trump “may not be able to withstand.”

But both senators called for the resignation of Georgia’s foreign minister, Brad Ravensberger, a fellow Republican who accused him, without evidence, of mismanaging the election.

Trump repeatedly attacked Ravensberger and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (right) for refusing to repeat his unfounded claims that Biden narrowly won Georgia due to fraud.

In an RJC video, Purdue said Republican senators could block Biden spending initiatives, administrative appointments and judicial nominations.

We hold the strings, Purdue said. “Not only the money chains, but also the nomination and confirmation chains of the Biden administration or the Biden court, if you will.”

Loeffler also appeared with Perdue on an RJC call on Wednesday. Biden was never mentioned by name, but she at one point agreed with Purdue that her top priority if elected was to protect “the work that has happened over the past four years.”

“We have to keep that,” she said.

“We will hold them accountable in the advice and approval process,” Loeffler said in the video. “So, you know, I think we’re going to see a lot of people coming back from the Obama administration, and it’s, you know, a great opportunity for us to review their records and hold them accountable for their records.”

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Loeffler spokesman Stephen Lawson said the senator did not in any way acknowledge Biden’s victory.

He said: “It supports the president who exhausts all available options to ensure the accuracy of the election results while also working to achieve a majority in the Senate on the fifth of January.” “This is not a complete story.”

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