Változás a kötelező biztosításnál, választhatnak az autósok

Change in compulsory insurance, motorists can choose

Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) has instructed insurance companies in an administrative circular to support transparent and customer-oriented insurance claim settlement. enpénzem.hu.

It deals with how to handle personal injury claims arising from non-life insurance, which is mandatory third party liability insurance (kgfb), for example, if the widow or injured (or injured) offers, but initiates a refund.

The amendment to the Insurance Law, which entered into force on June 26 this year, regulates the settlement of claims for insurance products other than life insurance in more detail than before.

According to the law, the insurance company must inform the aggrieved party requesting a refund of the annuity of the present value of the amount of the redemption principal, which may not redeem the annuity.

the MNB According to the interpretation of the management circular, this present value is equal to the basic amount of the annuity. Accordingly, the Central Bank expects the amount of capitalization provided in lieu of continuous annuity service to appropriately reflect the value of the annuity. The discount factor used in capitalization should be in line with the expected return on a risk-free investment. When calculating annual premiums (sometimes for life), insurers must also take into account mortality data and EU rules on equal treatment of women and men and equal opportunity.

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