CampusLATELY Entrepreneurial Series: Ron Davalos of VaKu, LLC

Indescribable happiness. Who doesn’t aspire to achieve that? That feeling is the motive and inspiration behind lifestyle brand VaKu, which was founded by best friends Alvin Harris and Steven Allen, and run by company President Ron Davalos of Dillard University.

Founded in Spring 2013, VaKu is a self-described “innovating company”, which combines artistic expression with inspirational music and exclusive clothing designs to benefit the less fortunate while promoting “love, peace, and happiness”.

The unique name, which is a blend of the words “vacation” and “cuckoo/crazy” embody the persona they are trying to promote to everyone who supports their brand. “When those two worlds collide you get ‘having a crazy good time.’ Indescribable Happiness is a feeling you cannot describe. We all have indescribable moments in our lives” Davalos goes on to say “…Hypothetically, when a reporter asks Beyoncé how does she feel after winning a Grammy or BET AWARD, Beyoncé will simply say “I feel VaKu” due to the fact that she cannot describe how she feels.”

These driving forces in which the brand stands for were the driving forces behind Ron Davalos joining the VaKu team in 2014.

“I met the CEO/Founder [of VaKu], Allay in August 2014 in the bottom of the Kearny Hall at Dillard University freshman year,” he said in an interview with the Campus LATELY team. “He was talking to my friend, Khalilah about life, goals, and aspirations. I was intrigued by this conversation and I immediately expressed my thoughts on the matter. Following the conversation, Allay and I exchanged contacts and departed. 2 months later, Allay stopped me in my tracks on the Oaks at DU” Foreseeing that great things would come about from the brand, Davalos eagerly joined the team, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Mr. Davalos currently serves as President of VaKu, which entails oversight of brand inventory, social media management, and crafting community service initiatives such as a Christmas toy and book giveaways under the brand’s umbrella. He is also editor and writer of the brand’s monthly newsletter “The Ku”, which was crafted as a way to utilize his creative writing skills to market and engage with customers and prospective supporters. As if this was not enough to keep him busy, Davalos also manages recording artist and VaKu founder, Allay.

“As manager of Allay, I schedule him for shows either it be at a local festival, concert, or school event. Also, I keep track of streaming downloads & album sales, and market his music to a diverse audience.”

With all of this on his plate, it would be safe to assume that Davalos has had plenty of entrepreneurial experience prior to his joining the VaKu team. However, he is quick to mention that although this happens to be his first time running a business, and he has learned a lot from both his past and along the way.

“I wish I would’ve asked more questions…I used to be scared of what people think of me if I asked a question. But, now I know asking questions can clear up a lot of things and change my perspective on the matter at hand.

When asked about the best advice he has received to date, the commencement speech by reporter and entertainer Terrance J at Dillard University in 2016 is drawn up: “From Terrance J’s speech I know that you must seize EVERY opportunity because you never know what could be on the other side.” And when asked about bad advice, ever the professional, he says “I don’t recall every receiving bad advice, but I don’t like it or agree when people tell me good things happen to those who wait. In this world, we live in today waiting is NOT going to get you anywhere you have to get you want.”

Although Ron Davalos has veered away from his childhood dream of being a meteorologist—standing outside in the rain or behind for hurricanes is “dead”—it is safe to say he is on the right path to make a name for himself in other arenas!


If you would like to learn more about VaKU be sure to check out their social media!

Facebook: VaKu Brand

Twitter: @vakubrand

Instagram: @vakubrand

Youtube: VaKu Brand


Also, be sure to listen to the latest musical composition from artist and VaKu founder, Alley. This a new project, created in January, where he challenges himself to freestyle over 30 songs/beats with 30 bars for each song.

30 for 30: The Rise of a Legend (2017)


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