Breaking Up With A Spring Fling

Spring is a time when people are showing more of themselves, and I’m not talking about vulnerability. The women are pulling out their sundresses and tying their bikinis. The men are trading in their six-pack of beer for a six-pack abdomen. As a result of all of this sexiness, people will form flings based on looks and lust. The only bad part about this is that once the fling puts a turtleneck on they may find themselves needing an escape route. Don’t worry because I’ve got the perfect approaches to fling that person right out of your life.

Straight-Forward Approach

This is the approach that I recommend, because it will save you a few headaches that may come from being dishonest. The way to do this is to call your spring fling up and invite them to a public coffee shop. You want to be in public because there are witnesses and people are less likely to be irrational when others are around to see it. You also want to choose a coffee shop, because it limits the duration of the conversation and if anything goes left you won’t have to wait until the check comes. Once you both get to the public coffee shop, this is when you want to just lay it on the table. Tell your fling that this casual situation got out of hand and you would like to take a step back to pursue other options. This is the perfect line, because it states exactly what your stance is in a firm and mature manner.


Ghosting Approach

I do not recommend this approach in all situations, but in some situations it is acceptable. This is the approach that you want to use when the fling has been short-term. That is because short-term flings don’t involve many emotions, so it’s less likely that you will hurt the other person’s feelings. By ghosting, I do not mean going from talking to this person everyday to abruptly disappearing. The correct way to use the ghosting approach is to slowly disappear, which means decreasing the consistency in which you text, talk, and see this person. That way when you suddenly disappear they won’t be surprised, because they felt the end coming. Using the ghosting approach is a clear way to get the message across that you don’t want to continue seeing this person. Silence is golden.


 Friend Zone Approach

In most situations, spring flings involve various forms of physical intimacy. The perfect way to cut ties with your spring fling is to stop all forms of physical intimacy with them. They will begin to wonder what happened and this is when you apply the friend zone approach. This is done by telling them that you want to take a step back because you feel that you both would be better off as friends. Most likely this will internally upset the person and before you know it they will stop speaking to you.


These approaches are very effective in cutting ties with the casual spring fling that went too far. Just make sure to choose the approach that is appropriate for your situation and before you know it you’ll be flinging to the next situation.

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I have recently earned my BBA from the University of Houston and I am a native Houstonian. My background is in human resources, so I have an understanding of what motivates people and their actions. As a result of those things, I merge my personal, professional, and college experience to write blogs that everyone can relate to.


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