The new seventh generation BMW M5 with electric powertrain will arrive next year, and the plant decided to produce a station wagon from this series again.

The muscle coupe is not without a precedent in the history of the brand: the Touring version was made from the second generation (E34) and then the fourth generation (E61) – the company developed only one prototype for the E39 station wagon, which was split between them, and it never went into production. Because of this and the usual small number of units, sports cars with large bags are extremely rare.

Now, however, it is certain that the Touring will also be produced from the seventh series, which will be presented in 2024. The station wagon, like the sedan, will be powered by the electrified powertrain. If we had to guess, we’d say the BMW XM 4.4 V8 plug-in hybrid unit, which delivers either 653 or 748 horsepower. Of course, the sheer weight of the large battery pack can be a problem: the XM RV’s ready-to-go weight is 2.75 tons.

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Another option would be the BMW M760e’s plug-in hybrid, based on a three-liter inline-six with 571 hp, and of course heavily revised to exceed the current M5’s output of 600-635 hp, depending on version.

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