Bill Gates: You must read these five books

Bill Gates: You must read these five books

Bill Gates is in many ways an unusual Monday Mail Posted on his personal holiday blog. The former founder and leader of Microsoft traditionally writes on the occasion of each birthday that the rate he reads in a given year is approx. Which of half a hundred books were the best in his opinion, which he would recommend to others to read – but now he has published a top list in which he has listed the best books of all time.

Among the books recommended by the 67-year-old billionaire are a science fiction novel, a rock star’s diary, a book on politics and a book on self-knowledge. Fifth, Gates mentions a paper that tracks how chemistry — and science in general — evolved from ancient times to modern times, and how we went from an idea thought up by the ancient Greeks to finally Mendeleev’s periodic table.

Those who really want to accept Gates’ recommendations and read this or that book in tangible form should hurry to buy it, because copies of the relevant writings that can still be found will probably be quickly picked up in the coming days – exactly following Gates’ recommendations.

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