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Beller-Marianne suffered from her addiction for a long time: “I felt an overwhelming joy because of it.”

Beller-Marianne suffered from her addiction for a long time: “I felt an overwhelming joy because of it.”

He was unaware of his addiction for a long time.

Marian Beller She was already a mother when she noticed that the students' seemingly innocent obsession had gone so far. For a long time, he had the pleasure of leaving the shops with his bags in hand. She loved shopping and for a long time could not control her shopping habit – A. writes Best magazine.

Marian Beller

Bieler Marian suffered from cravings to buy for a long time – Photo: Sajtóklub

Be careful, you can easily click to buy!

“The last guest on my radio show A Lélekközösség was an addiction counselor. We were just talking about the fact that everyone is addicted to something, when I also admitted that I wasn't aware of myself for a long time when it comes to addiction. I later realized that it's not good to feel euphoric When I can buyThe broadcaster revealed, saying: He now knows that something was missing from his life at that time, so he replaced it by buying bags, clothes, shoes and earrings.

Today, you only buy when you really need something. “Once my shows, Lélekközösség, Utazás a lelked köt, came out, I wrote my novels, my desire to shop decreased, and the focus shifted elsewhere for about 3-5 years. (…) I am happy that I changed my bad habit.” Marian Beller said.

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