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Avolteha test – where water is a treasure – description / test

Avolteha test - where water is a treasure - description / test

Description / Test

A beautiful plasticine adventure that unfortunately is not without flaws.

07/06/2022 21:29 | From M_Anger | Description / Test

Ten years is a lot of time, no matter where we look, in game development. The avultiha On the other hand, its makers needed exactly a lot of time to launch the product after the initial ideas of many years of work. The graphics of the adventure game exude a very unique atmosphere, as if we were watching a plasticine movie with stop motion. Well, that explains why so much trouble, it takes so long to create one, which is why we have all the credit for perseverance.

Avolteha test - where water is a treasure

The look is like kneading the work of Amanita Design (It is a popular adventure gameAnd the Samorost) The orcswind and eternitySong. On the other hand, the work of Picopeople is similar to these “relatives” in another way, that is, not a single word was uttered in it. No dialogues, no explanatory texts, no narration, not even on a fatal level. The only form of communication is pointing, or sometimes striking speech bubbles, where only shapes and graphics are visible. Let’s say it was easy to add the description to it being translated into 40 languages ​​(for some reason the developers found this funny…).

For the above reasons, the story is not really told either, this wonderful world will unfold before us very slowly, but at the same time we will get some explanation of what we are going on. The rocky, sandy surface of Lavlée is a special planet lined with volcanoes. But what is sorely lacking, and one of the essential elements of life, is water. Locals extract it from clouds using a special type of mushroom. Everything went well, real large cities were built, despite the harsh conditions, but recently there have been problems with the water supply. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist Paul (a strange name for a seagull-eyed alien creature) gets a speech about all this. So the task was given.

Avolteha test - where water is a treasure

The game is only available on iOS devices at the moment, but the developers made a very noble gesture to those who aren’t browsing the game on a Mac or iPad (where testing was done). In the iPhone version, you can zoom in due to the smaller screen so that no small details go unnoticed. The initiative is overwhelming, but it probably pays to keep it in the larger screen versions as well, because if you have a weak spot in the game, it’s control.

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This is because it is very difficult to find hotspots, that is, things that can perfectly mix in the environment. In the same way, if we try to use something from stock, then dragging it to the right point will make it a little lighter. Well, it’s just that if we blink, we won’t even notice. Moreover, any interaction we try to do can only take place from the right point. Do you see a saw and want to pick it up? Walk there (but exactly) and that’s the only way you can keep yourself close. Do you want to immerse a bucket in a well? The same is possible only after careful attitude. The result is a lot of frustration, it takes a lot of time to experiment with potential differences if we get stuck, simply because sometimes we don’t even see what we should do.

Avolteha test - where water is a treasure

However, the biggest problem is not the rescue system. The developers are proud that they were able to implement cloud sync, it only took two years to do it. The only problem is that it doesn’t work well. We got the test version early in the release (which, of course, thank you very much), but initially strange things happened. I started the game by choosing one of the 4 rescue slots and it was very strange as if you had fallen in the middle of the game. It turns out that’s actually the case, and someone else’s gameplay synced with me. It turns out that in the other two digits the story has already begun from the very beginning, and in the fourth, a more advanced case is filled up again.

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I was with him just fine, this kind of thing happened and then they fixed it for it to come out. The game was set aside a bit, because I got stuck at one point from the start, and there were other things to test. However, as soon as I came back he avultihaBrings, black soup came. My job, which I thought was certain, was finished, and again I was taken a completely different job (much earlier) than I had set the adventure in. I’ve patiently taken it to the point where I stopped and got this time, but fate once again made me pause the game again for a few days. Needless to say, the reunion made it happen again, and I didn’t like it at all anymore.

Avolteha test - where water is a treasure

I was just waiting for the release (which was May 31st) to see if things would be settled with the release, but unfortunately I have to say there hasn’t been a critical overhaul of the game in the past week. The situation has not changed, but is worse. In the past few days, I could not load the backups either (images appeared indicating a network error – the text was not found anywhere, not even in the menus); I was stuck on a black screen until the end of time.

My heart is bleeding because the game world has come a long way, but unfortunately I have to say that it is avultiha It is currently in an inoperable state. It is also very difficult to recommend this method, at most everyone who is patient in the world deserves it (and will still need luck). Except for the backup issues, there’s still an issue with the management anyway, so I don’t even know what I can write in the end. Only after extensive tinkering is it worth jumping in, even with just being careful. I’ll be back by the end of the year to see if it works. Based on the graphical concept and implementation, I can easily imagine a sequel, but to do that I have to fix the current version first. ■

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  • A magical world and story
  • Unique atmosphere of plasticine
  • Zoom option on iPhone


  • criminal control
  • The backup system is practically unusable
  • At the moment, there is only an iOS version

Minimum System Requirements: iPad Air / iPhone 6s

Key words: Point and click

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