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Biden and Macron reconciled after the submarine “paralysis”

US President Emmanuel Macron called it “critical” when the UK, the US and Australia signed a joint security agreement – the Aukus agreement cost France more than thirty-seven billion euros. Macron said what happened: it is important to look to the future – he writes international press reports In the wake of the 24.

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron met at the French Embassy in the Vatican as part of a series of talks during which Biden met with several heads of great powers ahead of this weekend’s G-20 meeting and next week’s United Nations climate summit.

-What we did was clumsy. Biden said I am convinced that France was informed long before the deal.

Aukus is Australia’s largest defense alliance in decades and, among other things, allows the country to build nuclear-powered submarines. The agreement sparked serious controversy with the French, who were to build a dozen submarines for the Australians under an agreement signed in 2016, an agreement drilled under the Oaks Accord, which the French foreign minister described as a stabbing in the back, and for a while. Even the ambassadors of countries and Australia.

In their current meeting, the French and the Americans seemed to settle their relationship

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