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Apple wants everything for free

Apple wants everything for free

Apple is known to be a predator in the boardroom. During its negotiations with different business partners, it often wants to get things for free, or if that is not possible, it tries to minimize its costs using its negotiating position. To the utmost and mercilessly.

However, it was a surprise Bloomberg According to the publication's sources, Apple will shockingly make OpenAI's ChatGPT software available on its products as part of Apple Intelligence's AI feature set. Apple Intelligence won't be available on all devices – in addition to the iPhone 15 Pro mobile phones, it will only come to laptops and tablets with at least the M1 chip.

According to sources, neither company expects short-term financial benefits from this cooperation. Apple has reportedly argued that its promotion of the OpenAI brand represents at least as much, if not more, value than paying money to use ChatGPT.

On the part of OpenAI, which is very financially supported by Microsoft, accepting such an offer is very risky, because from the technical side it would be a huge cost to serve the customers brought by Apple, while it cannot operate profitably without them. The most you can hope for is that you can sell monthly ChatGPT Plus subscriptions to a large enough number of new customers, although it's doubtful that even with these hopes it doesn't hurt to be eternally optimistic.

Additional context is that in addition to OpenAI, Apple has also discussed acquiring chatbot technology with Google, and for a while it looked like Gemini might be included in Apple Intelligence instead of ChatGPT. It wouldn't be surprising if this also played a big role in convincing Sam Altman, head of OpenAI, to see that it's better to swallow the frog and get into Apple products speculatively than to let the competition get into this situation.

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