Did the new Galaxy S22 phones bring poor performance?

Did the new Galaxy S22 phones bring poor performance?

According to the tests conducted so far, the new models outperform the Galaxy S21 series.

While many were initially pleased with the small size of the Galaxy S22 as well as the Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen, in the second round more people were concerned that the new chip and new screen eventually wouldn’t reduce consumption enough, especially for the Galaxy S22 and its predecessors to the Galaxy S22+ . Compared to smaller batteries that can lead to embarrassing results.

Samsung Galaxy S22 modelsSource: Shane Symonds

And all this is no longer a conditional situation. With more and more testing done on YouTube (and tech sites), it seems more and more that no Galaxy S22 model can offer the same uptime as its predecessor.

He came to this conclusion Shane SimmonsDaniel Badr (Android Police), PhoneArena and Arun Maini (Mrwhosetheboss Channel), among others. What their findings have in common is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t last as long as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the other two Galaxy S22 models are a setback, in fact, 5 hours of screen time doesn’t come together multiple times in a day, even at home with no Wi-Fi hanging. -Fi. Uptime isn’t as bad as it was on the Google Pixel 4, but it’s lagging behind previous models and mainly iPhone 13 models.

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