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An international star woke the broadcaster from his sleep and his smile was not sincere – video

An international star woke the broadcaster from his sleep and his smile was not sincere – video

It was supposed to be funny, but it turned out that the “assassination” of the famous American presenter was very unfortunate. With Jimmy Kimmel It has been entertaining millions of television viewers for more than three decades, and its producers figured out how funny it would be if that happened Mariah Carey It will wake you from your sweetest sleep.

Image: Northphoto

the singer it is timeHe says it is time! She launched the holiday season this year with her slogan being an inevitable part of it All I want for Christmas is you His song. So, the singer and some attendants dressed in holiday costumes arrived at Jimmy Kimmel’s house a few minutes after 2 a.m., and the host’s knowledgeable wife quietly opened the door and showed them the way to the bedroom, where Mariah Carey had kindly woken the half-asleep host and told the TV: it’s time. For Jimmy Kimmel’s loss, he asked again: What time is it? The singer didn’t need much more: She was belting out her own Christmas song, and while the lights were on, attendees danced and sprinkled artificial snow on the host and his bed. In the end, hidden in his TV wife’s robe, he accompanied the unexpected guests, and his smile was certainly not sincere even at the last moment, if it could be called a smile that could be seen on his face. Maybe this is just his own joke, because he often said this in farewell: “Come tomorrow too”

Here is the video:

The TV wake-up call isn’t a unique act (Jimmy Kimmel revealed he was “incited” to do it before Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus And Dua Lipa Also), he has recently gained great popularity with his show and car singing production James Corden Received a similar alert. The guest star at his closing show is his old friend, who has won 16 Grammy Awards Adele He was the one who woke up James Corden with a cymbal so they could drive together and sing their way to the studio.

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