After the Avatar series, The Lord of the Rings series may continue to spin in New Zealand

Work may continue on several series in New Zealand, including an Amazon adaptation of The Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop live on Netflix, New Zealand books. Stavra Referring to variety.

The country has also entered productions such as the new film by director Piano Lesson, Jane Campion from New Zealand, The Power of the Dog with Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch, but may continue with The Greatest Beer Run Ever with Viggo Mortensen. A total of 206 actors and employees, as well as 35 family members, will be accepted over the next six months – the New Zealand Department of Business, Innovation and Labor says they can start hiring, create 3,000 jobs and contribute $ 400 million to state coffers.

The Lord of the Rings series would, of course, happen elsewhere, if not in the country – after all, the Peter Jackson family had nearly established a tradition by making the franchise’s films all in New Zealand. The series release crew was already in full swing in Auckland when the pandemic struck. Although the license is now in effect, it is still in preparation – this same production brings 93 employees and 20 family members to the country.

Amazon unveiled the full cast for the series in January, marking the end of the months of rumors that preceded it. The story, based on the world created by JRR Tolkien, will take place in the second era, when the Rings of Power were completed. There is no official submission date yet.

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The first major title that could be set to work again in New Zealand was Avatar, that is, its sequels.

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