Index – Abroad – Railways closed, leaving hundreds of thousands without power in England

2021.11.27. 17:02

A tornado-triggered storm broke out in the UK: a rogue named Arwen twisted trees in several places, destroyed houses. So far, the authorities have reported two deaths, thousands of people have been left without electricity, and some railways have also been completely closed.

In the northern part of England, Northumberland, wind speeds were also measured at 158 ​​kilometers per hour.

And on the M62 motorway, which goes a little south, about 120 trucks stopped due to heavy snowfall. In Wales, the wind speed was measured at 130 kilometers per hour, but the movement of trains has also stopped here. The same thing happened in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where a train passenger was stuck in a car for 17 hours due to a storm.

Also in Scotland, the winds at Caithness were so strong that the direction of the water was already reversed in some of the smaller waterfalls:

There are already deaths in severe weather. In Northern Ireland, near Antrim, a school principal fell into a tree while in his car. The same thing happened to another man in Cumbria, England.

The storm left about 100,000 people without power in Scotland. About 55,000 people in the north-east of England and 88,000 in the center and south of the country were left without power on Saturday.

At Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, the UK’s tallest pub, 60 people were stranded on Friday as one meter of snow fell in short order. And in County Durham, the roof of a football club was torn off and the stadium was blown by winds. It is assumed that the rugby match in the country will be postponed from Friday to Saturday evening, for fear of a similar incident.

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By Saturday, the winds had eased somewhat and were expected to rarely rise above 81 kilometers per hour. However, strong winds, snow and hail are expected to continue on the islands. Forecasters say temperatures in Scotland and northern England could dip to -6 degrees on Sunday.

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(Cover Image: Action Images/Reuters/Ed Sykes)

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