The new spider species is named after football and soccer players

citizen of Australia, newly described Round web spiders (“cross spiders”) is the English name for football, a football After its Latin form a soca Given a name, the new genus includes 12 species.

The genus-specific feature are the five bumps that adorn the posterior body.

Source: Unnatural World

Spider researchers Dr. Volker Framinau and Dr. Pedro Castanhera are both football fans, so one of the newly described species is named after famous Australian footballer Johnny Warne (Sokka Junior Warn). Another species name is even funnier, because here it is in English Footballerthat is, they made the name spider from the football player’s expression: soca plia.

This fanciful-colored male shows off his offspring’s bulges more.

Source: Unnatural World

Medium-sized spiders of this genus are nocturnal and have five pointed outgrowths on their hind bodies (formerly known as their abdomens).

Around the world, many round (“cross”) spiders weave the eaten remains of their prey into their webs. From the record, it appears that this trait may also be characteristic of this genus.

Source: Unnatural World

A genetic survey of some species was also conducted, and it turned out that A Pustular juice Representatives of the species, which can also be found in New Zealand, come from the southeastern part of Australia.

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