We recently wrote about 103-year-old Giuseppina MollariWho was driving his car without a valid driver's license, and then the Italian police put an end to the matter. Since then, the old woman has become a real star in her home, and she recently said:

He will buy a Vespa, but in the meantime he will ride a bike to the café in the next town to play cards with his friends.

Gendarmerie forces stopped the aunt, born in 1920, on March 11, around one in the morning, in the town of Bondino in the province of Ferrara in the Emilia-Romagna region. The authority was notified by a citizen that a white Fiat Panda was driving dangerously in Piazza della Repubblica.

According to police, the woman was acting confused and driving her car on the same streets. The investigation revealed that his driving license had expired two years ago. The 103-year-old woman was fined, and her car was transported to safety by a tow truck. Finally, the gendarmes took the woman to her home.

The news of what happened spread in her hometown, where Giuseppina, who will soon blow out the candle on her 104th birthday, is known as a well-known person and has many friends.