800 Black Students Gather At University of Maryland Eastern Shore To Discuss Activism & Community Involvement

What are you doing to build your community? These 800 Black students, ages 14-24,   meet at University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) to learn more about doing their part to support their community.  The Lott Carey Global Christian Missional Community, founded in 1897,  held their 63rd Annual Seminar at the UMES campus.  Each year the conference is held at a different HBCU connecting students and the community.

Lott Carey International Youth Leader Vernon Gordon speaks to youth during mission talent presentations.

“Justice is not something that is done and accomplished. Justice is something we have to continually work to achieve and secure…to preserve and promote,” said David Emmanuel Goatley, executive director of Lott-Carey International.

“For us, justice is a sense that all have enough, none should have too little, none should have too much. God desires for us to have a world household where all are adequately provided for. Justice is not going to happen out of nowhere. We must be in pursuit of a world where all people are treated equitably. That’s a life style we want to encourage and nurture so our young people can see new possibilities for themselves,” Goatley added.

“This gathering empowers youth through missional activity during the week and a curriculum that challenges our youth to think about outreach in their own communities and abroad.  We have a history of being those who looked beyond our own needs and met the needs of others,” Gordon said. Originally reported on Afro.com




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