5 College-Educated Men Reveal What Makes a Woman Wifey Material

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I don’t really have a specific set of criteria of what makes a woman wifey material. When a woman matches my definition of a queen and I match her definition of a king, then that is when I would know a woman is wifey material for me. – David 24




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Men are simple. Honesty, loyalty, sex, food, and encouragement make a woman wifey material. What makes a woman not wifey material is a lack of sex, materialistic in nature, parties all the time, selfish, promiscuous, and if she’s extremely jealous. – Shawn 25



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Well I’m a little shallow. So, off top I have to find her attractive. After that, what additionally makes a woman wifey material is if she’s adventurous, optimistic, loyal, and making it clear that I am the only man in the picture. Also, I want someone that can think for themselves, isn’t easily influenced by public perception, and isn’t judgmental. – Ellis, 22



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Wifey Material is a woman that is a loyal, faithful, educated, God-fearing, and has her priorities in order with her goals and ambition. -Adam, 23





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A wife is supposed to be an extension of a man, just as a man is an extension of his wife. We have to be team players. If you are selfish and self-focused, then we can’t grow together once the sex gets old, children get in the way, and work is in our lives. Honesty is the number one thing that makes a woman wifey material. If I can’t trust you then I can’t be with you. I’ll leave you. That’s me. I already have enough personal problems and I don’t need you to add to them with lying. And vice versa, I want to be truthful with you too. We have to be able to openly communicate. If you have a problem, let’s address it. Don’t just put me on the couch for 2 weeks because I will just leave, especially if we’re in the beginning of our relationship and looking toward marriage soon. Unless, she is worth fighting for. In conclusion, honesty, communication and partnership along with stable finances are good foundations for a woman that is wifey material to have a lasting marriage with. – Donovan, 26

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