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2nd place in the Thetis Cup

2nd place in the Thetis Cup

Home and interior image source: MTI/Tamás Kovács

The Hungarian women's water polo team, which includes three players from the DFVE (Garda Kristina, Horvat Birgitta and May Geraldine), took a break in the last days of their preparations for the Olympic Games. The team of Attila Mihok and Sandor Cseh jumped into the pool in Greece, at the Thetis Cup, for the first time against the Australian team, and although they fought hard, they ended up losing 12-11. The continuation went much better, as our water polo players managed to win 9-7 against the French, who defeated Canada with more confidence 11-6, while in the final against the host Greek team, they won 10-8. Thus, they finished the tournament behind the Australians with many lessons in second place.

Afterwards, national team captain Attila Mihok evaluated the team's performance on the website of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation (MVLSZ).
– With this team, this is almost the first tournament of its kind, it is not a world event, where we can face opponents of different styles and quality day after day. After the last match, I can say that we feel satisfied, although we did not imagine this weekend that we would lose to the Australians right away. We started the tournament a bit crazy, after starting 0-5, it took a quarter and a half to come to our senses. However, we organized our defense, which should always be in our team's goal. We improved from match to match, or rather from quarter to quarter, and we were able to do our best in this area against the Greeks.

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Attila Mihok also said that the remaining days brought them a little closer to selecting the Olympic team, but he would definitely like to look at the statistics and review the matches, even several times, before they meet with Sandor Cseh and make the tough decisions. .

By the way, our national team will not return home from Greece, but will fly directly to San Francisco, where it will prepare for ten days as a guest of the US team that won the previous three Olympics.


Australia – Hungary 12–11 (5–2, 5–5, 1–4, 1–0)
France – Hungary 7-9 (3-2, 2-2, 1-3, 1-2)
Hungary – Canada 11-6 (3-2, 2-1, 5-1, 1-2)
Greece – Hungary 8–10 (1–2, 4–3, 1–1, 2–4)

The final result: 1. Australia, 2. Hungary, 3. Greece, 4. Canada, 5. France.

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