They became the winners of the Prima Primissima

They became the winners of the Prima Primissima

Outstanding representatives from Hungarian intellectual life, arts, sciences and sport were able to take home the Prima Primasima Awards in ten categories at the Friday gala held without an audience at the Palace of Arts.

2021 winners:

  • in the Hungarian architecture and architecture category Kasaba Kovacs Architect, Interior Designer.
  • in the Hungarian Fine Art category Miklos Szucks sculptor TUI
  • In the category Hungarian Education and General Education A Janos Bolyai Sports Association;
  • In the Hungarian Science category Eva Kondorosi molecular biologist
  • in category Hungarian Sports Istvan Jr., Tibor Clambar And Giorgi Gabor World champion table tennis players.
  • In the Hungarian Literature category Istvan Kovacs poet, translator, historian, Polish;
  • In the category Hungarian Folk Art and General Culture HERA EV general education specialist;
  • In the Hungarian Press category Aegon Ronai journalist and radio and television presenter, the reporter received recognition;
  • in category Hungarian Music Gabor Takax Nagy violinist
  • In the category Hungarian Theater and Film Art pasty jolly The actor received an award of 15 million HUF each.
    Instead of Gábor Takács-Nagy, his brother Katalin Takács-Nagy took the award for his concert abroad.

Audience Award, which also costs HUF 15 million Marie Borbas (Marxist) Television Editor.

Sándor Csányi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Prima Primissima Foundation, noted that due to the pandemic, it was not possible to hold the traditional award ceremony last year, and instead ten NGOs working in the field of healthcare were awarded 20-20 million HUF.

He said that it was still believed at that time that they could celebrate in front of the public this year, but unfortunately that did not happen, so the awards were given out without spectators.

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Emergencies usually bring extraordinary people to the surface, which is why the role of scientists has become especially important these days.Sandor Chanyi said, adding that he wants to find a solution to the current epidemic as soon as possible, which is devastating the economy and society and causing painful tragedies for families.

Sándor Csányi also spoke about the fact that the award’s high social recognition is due to the fact that their choices were always based solely on the performance of the nominees. He emphasized that the Prima Primissima Award is not only the Prima Primissima Award was a great recognition, as there were a large number of valid nominations of 704 in each category from the previous winners and over 100 professional organizations.

“The top three places in a category can only be reached if someone memorizes his profession without saving his time or energy. Being among the first in science, culture, sports and the arts is only awarded to one whose determination is coupled with talent.” – Sándor Csányi confirmed and then congratulated the winners.

Cover photo: MTVA

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