2018 Movies We Have Waited FOREVER For

As we wrap up the year 2017 and its great movies, many of us have been rewatching trailers for next year’s debuts.

Most of the movies we are anticipating, has had us on the edge of our seats for years now, awaiting a sequel. We just have to know what happens next. In no particular order, here are some movies that the New Year will bring that seem to have fans everywhere going insane.

Incredibles 2– I’m sure I am not the only millennial that will wait in the longest of lines to get my ticket to this movie upon its theater arrival. Back in 2004, this family of Superheroes stole our hearts and here it is 14 years later and we are JUST getting our sequel. Move over 00’s babies, this is before your time!

Black Panther– This movie is highly anticipated for multiple reasons. For one, every Marvel fan has been waiting on an independent movie starring the Black Panther. Secondly, this will be monumental as the African-American community has long-awaited a black superhero. In the 70s, black people created their own ‘superheroes, hence Shaft, Foxy Brown, and Cleopatra. Here we are decades later, with the Black Panther.

Fifty Shades Freed– For those who have read the books and tuned in to the erotic romance, originally “Fifty Shades of Grey” this third and final movie is bound to answer all your cliffhanger questions.

Avengers: Infinity Wars– The sequel to Marvels: The Avengers and Avengers:Age of Ultron, this is anticipated just as much as the first one. All of the Avengers and their superhero allies combine to of course save the universe.

Aquaman– You may not be a Marvel fan, so DC has something for their fans too. Whether you’re a fan of the actual comic or simply a fan of Jason Momoa and his fabulous abs, the theaters are bound to be packed from wall to wall.

Creed 2– The first one had us on the edge of our seats with tears in our throat. We are ready to know what emotions the next one will fill us with as Adonis seeks revenge on the man who killed his father. Sylvester Stallone prepares us for the “the most Exhausting and punishing fight ever put on film” in an Instagram caption.


These are just a few, but it is sure that 2018 will be a movie-year.

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