10 College Men and Women on Whether or Not Soulmates Exist

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To believe in soulmates is to believe that there is one person in the world that was specifically designed for you to spend the rest of your life with. Everybody has a different stance on when it comes to soulmates, so I asked college men and women one question…“Is there a such thing as a soulmate and if so do you only get one in a lifetime?”

College Men

I don’t know if there is somebody out there that is specifically designed or me, but I don’t believe in one love in a lifetime.

I don’t think you only get one love in your life. I think we believe that because the feelings were so intense between the two and we can’t allow ourselves to move past that person. Once your brain has been changed by an experience, it is hard to capture the electrical feelings we desire from love when it has to come around a second time.

Yeah there is a thing as a soulmate. Psychologists believe the average person falls in love an average of 5 times in their lifetime. I do think within that 5, there is one that stands out as true.

I feel like you can have a soulmate because it’s like their destiny or faith or the chosen one because the guy’s rib was to make part of the girl. To be honest, some people don’t even marry the best person for them. And as in loving more than once, I agree. Each love may not be as strong as the other, but you shouldn’t have that many true loves either.

The concept of that varies, but for a soulmate…definitely. I look at my parents and when my grandparents were alive, them as well and they have been married for so many years and they still are so madly in love with each other it’s beautiful to see. One true love? I don’t think you can just have one true love, but that’s a tougher debate.

College Women

I believe that a soulmate is someone that God sends, makes, and creates one for you, so yes I believe in them. But I also think God isn’t that selfish to only make one person for you because everybody has the capacity to love so deeply.

I do think that everyone has their soulmate, but I don’t think that you can be with your soulmate your entire life. It is a given you won’t meet them right out of the womb. But with that being said, it is possible for you to find love until you meet your soulmate, because you’ll end up your soulmate in the end.

I feel as though everyone has at least one person that was meant for them and compliments them as a person unlike any other could. However, some people are blessed enough to share this bond with more than one person throughout their lifetime.

I think there is definitely a such thing as a soulmate. Sadly, in today’s world I think we rush into marriage and commitment before we truly understand the meaning and feeling of finding your soul mate, who is the person that God has put on this Earth for you to spend the rest of your life with. And I do think you only have one true soulmate and other people are just meant to put in your life as lessons.

I don’t believe in soulmates, I believe in partnerships. If you’re focused on finding one person in a world of 7.4 billion people then you’ll never be satisfied. I’m focused on finding the best partner for me. I’m looking for the partner that will devote our marriage to upholding his vows. I’m looking for the partner that will be the best father to my children. I’m looking for a partner that will be financially responsible and a faithful steward with what God will bless us with. I’m looking for a partner to navigate life with; I’m not looking for a soulmate.

What do you think, is your soulmate out there?


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